The Commons (Branding)

Project Brief: With a group, choose and existing company, or create a company from scratch and develop a brand identity. Design and create a brand personality and explore a full range of a design system by expressing, capturing, and applying emotion-driven experience to a brand development process. Starting with analysis of the market and audience we created a design concept, which then we used while creating all the elements of our design system. 

Solution: As a group we decided to create the branding for a bookstore/coffee shop. We chose the name "The Commons" because we felt it reflected the values and goals of our company. The Commons stands for shared knowledge and the hope that our store will help inspire people to read. We researched our market and found that although our world today is so heavily technology reliant, people still want to go into bookstores and pick up an actual printed book. With this in mind we wanted to give our company a classic feel, infused with the modern world of today. Our company's personality can be described in four words, insightful, authentic, urban, and neighborly.