Asana Yoga

Project Brief: Develop a fictitious company and do market segment research to fully flesh out the company's mission, values, target audience, and more. Subsequently create 3 fabrics that will be launched by the company you have developed. The fabrics should have contrast between them, yet also work together as a cohesive system. Develop the company in full; create a name, logo, company mission and values, identity system, and business system.

Solution: The company that I created was Asana, a yoga company built on the ideals of mindfulness, power, and connectedness. There are a very large number of people who consider themselves to be "aspirational yogis" —people interested in trying yoga. Many companies that already exist such as Prana and Lululemon market more towards people like yoga instructors, studios, and more advanced yogis. With Asana I wanted to create a company that would appeal to the beginners and aspirational yogis. With my textiles I focused on the fluidity and power within yoga. There are wavy, flowing patterns throughout the designs, and bold bright purples mixed with more calming navy.