Kill Bill Playing Cards

Project Brief: Design a deck of playing cards based on a theme of your choice. Create a dynamic system through the use of typography, color, and illustration. The cards should follow the hierarchy of a traditional deck of cards, and work alone and as a whole. A box that fits within the system should also be created.  

Solution: With my cards I wanted to explore illustration and watercolor. I wanted to integrate these elements into a theme that would allow for a very stylistic design. I chose to theme the cards after the movie Kill Bill because it is one of my favorite movies and I like the idea of having strong and powerful female characters on playing cards. I began by sketching out the characters, and then bringing them onto the computer and vectorizing them. Simultaneously I created a few pages of watercolor backgrounds that would be used to fill in the vectored characters. The sharp and pointed illustrations demonstrate the violent and powerful nature of the women, while filling them in with watercolor keeps their feminine nature.