Vote Campaign

Project Brief: Create a vote campaign for Sacramento State's Student Government Elections. The slogan "Where is your Voice?" was the central theme for the campaign. I collaborated with event planners, the social media team, and the marketing team in order to create a comprehensive campaign that would engage the students.

Solution: For my Sac State Vote Campaign I wanted to create something bright and engaging that would be able to catch students' attention in an instant. The concept of "Where is your Voice?" was the central idea around the design. I created illustrations of a megaphone, lightning bolts, and confetti to be used throughout the system which have a bright and whimsical feel to them. To complement the whimsical illustrations I used a bold typeface in a bright magenta. This type created a bold statement and can be seen from a distance. The eye-catching nature of the type was used to ensure that the students, even with their busy lives and schedules, would still take note of the elections happening on campus. Through the social media campaigns, student outreach, and my vote campaign Sacramento State was able to reach its highest voter turnout in 10 years.