Sci-Fi Film Festival

Project Brief: Create a fictional branding campaign for the Science Fiction Film Festival. Research should be done on the audience and science fiction as a whole. Create a cohesive design system between the festival poster, postcards, schedule, and other collateral materials.

Solution: In order to appeal to the type of person that would attend a Science Fiction Film Festival, I made sure to create a design that referenced an essential aspect of science fiction, space ships. I created ship illustrations, some referenced from actual ships from Star Trek and other popular shows/movies and others created by me. I wanted that majority of the poster to have a hand-done feel to it, therefore I illustrated all of the ships by hand and create the starry background using splattered watercolor. I wanted the type to feel futuristic and simple, so that it fits into the theme but stands out from the illustrated, hand-done quality of the rest of the poster.